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I am a native of Arkansas, but now reside in Georgia. I love the Razorbacks. I love the south. I love sitting on the screened in porch sippin' lemonade. I love every shade of lipgloss on earth. I love bright colors. I love laying in the hammock listening to the birds and in the same breath I am terrified of birds! I love pedicures with cajun shrimp nail polish in the summer. I love listening to babies laugh. I love the smell of laundry detergent. This blog is all about cooking, crafts, decorating, my journey to getting into shape, and anything else I can think of! Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tarek's Easter Session {Roswell, GA Child and Baby Photographer}

Ok, is he not the cutest little guy EVER!!! Oh.my.goodness!!! I could look at that smile all day long. I have known Tarek for a while! I took his pictures before he was born and than again when he was 12 days old! I was so excited to see him again. He is just a doll! ENJOY!

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